1944 Yan’an China

City and Portrait-Photo by Harrison Forman



(1944) Yan’an (China), Bao Ta (Bao Pagoda) overlooking
(1944) Yan’an (China), Mao Zedong and Peng Dehuai
(1944) Yan’an (China), Mao Zedong and his wife Jiang Qing
(1944) Yan’an (China), Chinese Eighth Route Army and Western military officials at event
(1944) Yan’an (China), portrait of top-ranking communist leaders
(1944) Yan’an (China), businesses built into mountainside
(1944) Yan’an (China), people in business district
(1944) Yan’an (China), view of person riding horse into town
(1944) Yan’an (China), Eighth Route Army soldiers gathered among building ruins
(1944) Yan’an (China), People’s Militia members
(1944) Yan’an (China), People’s Militia raising swords
(1944) Yan’an (China), children armed with weapons walking along road
(1944) Yan’an (China), children in classroom in communist Border Region
(1944) Yan’an (China), Eighth Route Army nurses
(1944) Yan’an (China), rifles and machine guns, possibly taken from Japanese strong point
(1944) Yan’an (China), wall painting promoting cooperative farming
(1944) Yan’an (China), possibly Chinese Communist Party member

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